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Are Any of These Three Rentals Priced Right?

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Here are three rentals in hot (or hotly contested) areas with pricetags that seem a little off. This time, though, it's up to the readers to decide: are these rentals priced appropriately? Vote in the polls below to voice your thoughts on rental prices in South Kensington, the Fairmount/Brewerytown border, and Rittenhouse Square.

Here's a rental at the corner of 6th and Cecil B. Moore. It's a two bedroom with one bath, and it is a loft in a repurposed factory building, which is trendy, but this isn't quite the exposed beams and brick ideal. Is is enough to justify the price, though? In light of all the buzz about South Kensington, is $1.25K a good price for a nice but not-quite-perfect rental there?
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This rental is a three bedroom with two baths right on the border between Brewerytown and Fairmount. The price seems pretty Fairmount appropriate, but is it right for a row right on West Girard. There is a spectacular roof deck: does that make the price a little low? In any case, the price tag is $2,490.
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The final and most expensive offering is appropriately located in Rittenhouse Square. It's a two bedroom with one full bath and a very narrow kitchen. The listing notes that the apartment is furnished, including linens, and that it comes with a gym membership. It is right across the street from Rittenhouse Square, but is $4,450 just too much to pay for a two bedroom?
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