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Four of Philly's Most Expensive Rentals

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Though Philly is known for cheap rents and sturdy, no nonsense rowhomes, there's another side to the rental market in the city of brotherly love. These four rentals prove that there is a luxury rental market in Philly, even if it is a little small.

Philadelphia's Priciest Penthouse Rental: This penthouse, located at The Parc on Rittenhouse Square, rents for $13,500 per month, making it Philly's most expensive rental. It comes with an expansive floor plan and a balcony overlooking the park, a landscaped deck, parking, and a super imposing but simple decor.

Philadelphia's Priciest Estate Rental: This sprawling home built by George Howe rents for $8,500 per month. It sits on four and a half acres in Chestnut Hill, and the grounds include a pool, a fountain, a cobblestone walkway, and tons of lush greenery. The giant windows open onto Juliet balconies. Even the garage is quaint.

Philadelphia's Priciest Quirky Rental: This house at an undisclosed location in Graduate Hospital rents for $3,995. The place was clearly designed with style and minimalism in mind, with colorful, asymetrically placed windows, futuristic appliances, and primary colors throughout the decor.

Philadelphia's Priciest Waterfront Rental: This house in Queen Village rents for $8,000 per month. The place is huge, and there are definitely some luxury amenities included, such as the indoor pool, but this house's selling point is definitely the roofdeck with a river view.