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Gretz Brewery Partially Demolished, Remainder Still Stands

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Last month, the Department of Licenses and Inspections decided to demolish a portion of the vacant Gretz Brewery (located at the intersection of Oxford and Germantown Ave.) which had been deemed "imminently dangerous". Though the long vacant (since 1961, when the brewery shut down) building is chock full of L&I violations, the current owner is appealing them.

The building's current owner, the Rufo Companies, bills itself as a one-stop Philly real estate shop, with a carpentry team, a team of electricians, and other building trades professionals: however, in the ten years that the Gretz Brewery has been owned by the company, it has been tax delinquent at least twice (about $10,000 of taxes are currently owed on the property,) and has sat vacant and undisturbed except for some brick pointing here and some roof patching there (according to L&I records.)

The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia and the South Kensington Community Partners have taken an interest in preserving the brewery, and putting it on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.
· Selective demolition at South Kensington's Gretz Brewery [Plan Philly]