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Needles In A Blue Text Haystack: Appealing Craigslist Ads

To close out this power hour, here are some spectacular craigslist finds, no masochists, brotastic advertising, or one-eyed cats included.

"This a historically reconstructed 1840 stone schoolhouse,completely new and modern. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with high 11-14' ceilings.The interior and exterior spaces were designed to create a private peaceful retreat including a sculpture garden."

"Rarely offered space: Enjoy this massive spacious 4300 square foot live/wk space on one floor that has been tuned up to the max. Gourmet kitchen, beautiful exposed brick, ceiling beams and other classic features from this previously industrial building. The kitchen features two ovens, one of which is a 60 inch Capitol oven with habachi burners and a massive overhanging hood. There are LG stainless fridge, dishwasher, and a luxuriously sized granite counter island. The laundry room has whirlpool washer dryer. This 3rd floor unit has 12'-16' ceilings, skylights and the extremely rare windows on all 4 sides. Two tremendous living room style spaces are equipped with pool table that could stay. The massive reclaimed tree dining table can stay as well. There are currently 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but there is so much space that it could be easily converted to 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom features a walk in closet and social jacuzzi tub that could fit many at the same time."
· Huge Live/Work Loft Space [craigslist]