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The Best of Craigslist Rental Headlines

On normal MLS sites, brokers have to confine their creativity to the listing copy, and aren't really allowed to entice renters with absurd taglines. Craigslist rental ad headlines are sort of like poetry, in that they seem to involve artistic license and might not make sense.

· giving up/giving in. i need a room by jan 1. 450 max pleaz. [craigslist]
· $1200 / 3br - 1252ft² - SOUTH PHILLY -- PRE-HIPSTER [craigslist]
· This Will Freak Your Freak! [craigslist]
· Let's Talk TURKEY! Two bedroom with all the "TRIMMINGS" [craigslist]
· Get A FREE KINDLE With Your New Apartment! Call Now!! [craigslist]