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Live in Sharktown With 2 Handsome Gentlemen Who 'Embrace Cancer', Are Not Bozos

Right on the border of Fishtown and Kensington (a seam between two rapidly hipster-fying neighborhoods if there ever was one,) two gentlemen with an admittedly gorgeous loft set out to write a craigslist roommate search ad to end all craigslist roommate search ads.

Amenities include:
· Three cats, two with both eyes, one with only one
· "There is a bathroom, you may poop there."
· "A very bohemian building"
· Yes, those do appear to be posters of naked women on the wall
· But these guys aren't "bozos"
· Rent is $620/month

What are you waiting for? Send these gents "email that would entice me to want to live with you. Hey do you still have that room is not very enticing and I will probably just ignore you. feel free to have fun with it. try to offend me put a little fucking heart into it."
· Looking for a Roomie ASAP. As i was recently horns waggled [Craigslist]