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Three Philly Rental Buildings With Crazy Price Ranges

Here's a list of three buildings that can suit penthouse budgets, 300sq ft "cozy" efficiency budgets, and every budget in between. Though Philly renters looking for a bargain are probably better off renting rowhomes (or apartments in subdivided rowhomes), it's interesting to check out just how large the difference can be between the cheapest and most expensive rental in a building.

1.) The Drake: This building has the largest rent spread by far. The most expensive unit in the Drake is a three bedroom penthouse which rents for $7400/month. The cheapest apartment in the Drake is a 278 sq ft studio which rents for $1069/month.

2.) The Touraine: Though apartments at the Touraine start at $1525/month, they're not super cramped studios (they're only moderately cramped at 625 sq ft). On the other end of the range, a 3 bedroom with 2.5 baths can go for up to $6995/month.

3.) The Granary: A new arrival near the southern edge of Fairmount, The Granary's rents start at $1695/month for a 695 sq ft studio, and go as high as $5995/month for a three bedroom penthouse. As the building is both brand new and located very close to where Rodin Square will stand, it will be interesting to see if the going rate changes.

The Drake, a Hilton Hotel

140 East Walton Place, , IL 60611 Visit Website