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Five Rental Buildings With Ridiculous Amenities

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Lots of rental buildings claim to be luxury rentals, and most of those offer a 24 hour concierge desk. Some Philly rental buildings, however, offer amenities from the uber-luxe (rooftop gardens and private screening rooms) to the somewhat ridiculous (car detailing services.) Here are five buildings that offer lots of perks for their residents.

1.) 777 South Broad: Want to unwind? They've got a rooftop hot tub. Feel like a movie? There's an outdoor theater on the roof, too. Having out of town guests stay with you? You can put them up in the "hospitality suite" instead of parking them on the pullout. There's even a discount card for area businesses.

2.) Park Towne Place Apartments: Of course there's a pool, a fitness center, and a movie screening room, but the amenity that really stands out as ridiculous here is the "car detailing service" that they advertise.

3.) The Granary: There's a 24 hour doorman, a club room with an outdoor terrace, and a "state of the art" fitness center, but that's not all. This place also includes a pet daycare center and a private library/music room.

4.) The Left Bank: Yet another Dranoff property, this building also includes access to a "hospitality suite" for guests and to a discount card. It also features free copying services and an in-house bike share available to residents.

5.) Tower Place: They'll make your coffee in the morning, set out a continental breakfast, walk your dog while you're at work, and loan you a bike from their bike room (where you can store yours if you have your own.) There's a game room, a projection room, a private park, and a business center.