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Girard Square Plans Coming Early Next Year

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Girard Square, a portion of Market East known for its less than appealing atmosphere will be made over sometime within the next 3-4 years, say officials from SSH Investments, the firm that holds the 150 year lease on the 4.35 acre property that rests between 11th and 12th streets on Market.

In a recent article about the prospects for revitalizing Market East, an official from SSH Investments said that Girard Square would blow people away within 3-4 years. National Real Estate Development Services, a firm contracted to reimagine the property, promises that it "will ultimately be a new landmark in Philadelphia. The project will be an exciting combination of pedestrian oriented retail, new residential rental apartments, parking, signage, and hospitality uses."

As SSH promises to unveil their plans next year, the block will remain a "sordid" area (as described by an official from SSH Investments). Perhaps, though, if the rendering below really does become a reality, Market East will become a destination, rather than an area to be avoided.

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