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Mansion Last Sold in 1974 Slashes $200K From Pricetag

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Apparently it's hard to move a Rittenhouse mansion these days: this three story brick row complete with all the Rittenhouse trimmings (stained glass, English staircase, etc etc,) has languished on the market since July, and is now asking $200K less than it was before.

Though it doesn't appear to have much of a back yard, this house does include a roof deck with great views, and it is located less than two blocks away from Rittenhouse Square (so a yard doesn't seem so necessary.)

Perhaps the home's last sale price might put things in perspective. In 1974, this house sold for $51,000. Whatever the reason, this home isn't moving, and its price has been hacked twice.
House Vitals:
Size: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,133 sq ft
Amenities include: Working fireplaces, a roof deck, a bay window, an English staircase, wood paneling, window seats, and large windows in the kitchen.
Asking Price: $1,050,000
· 321 S. 18th Street [Trulia]