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Five Gorgeous Kitchens to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner In

Here are five gourmet kitchens that provide ample counter space, lots of light, and some interesting design features. Hours prepping in these kitchens still might nowt be everyone's favorite way to spend a day, but the spacious, airy, futuristic designs might make the whole process less of a chore.

This kitchen includes a commercial grade gas range, stainless steel, no-nonsense appliances, tons of fridge space, and everything a home cook could need for preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast. The house it's in has an asking price of $1.975M and is located in Chestnut Hill.

For cooks who like to gaze out the window while chopping vegetables, this kitchen is entirely enclosed by windows, and offers a huge kitchen island with a double sink. Brokerbabble notes that this house actually has two kitchens in it. The asking price is $1.375M and the house is located in Mt.Airy.

Here's a luxe kitchen with dark wood cabinetry that's right next to the dining room. For a condo, this kitchen is extremely spacious. The condo itself is located at 10th and Spruce, and the asking price is $1.595M.

The kitchen of the future offers three conventional ovens and a steam oven, as well as a wine cooler and subzero fridge. The place also has an ahead-of-its time minimalism that might inspire some forward looking culinary choices. The house it's in is located in Graduate Hospital, and its asking price is $1.295M..

Though this kitchen is somewhat less flashy than the others on this list, the custom wood stove hood is eye catching and functional. The wood used to make both the hood and the kitchen island is reclaimed: this kitchen is part of an eco-friendly Manayunk carriage house asking $899K.