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Former Wynn Advocate Joins Market8 Team After Giving it a Failing Grade

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Dan Keating, a Philly based contractor and construction manager (he built Liberty Bell Center and the Sugarhouse,) was charged with ginning up positive feelings about the Wynn Philadelphia proposal. Now, though, he's working for Market8, a casino which he gave failing grades in his assesment of all six proposals.

Wasting no time at all, The Provence blasted Keating's team switching on twitter:

While working for Wynn, Keating set up a war room where he brought community leaders, journalists, and public officials to see exhibits that ranked and graded all six proposals. Market8 ranked dead last in all of his categories. Perhaps, though, in his role as a Wynn advocate, Keating ranked Market8 last because he privately felt that it was the best contender for the casino license.

Regardless of his private feelings, his public stance has reversed completely: "We now believe that in every important respect, the Market8 project stands head and shoulders above all other proposed projects, and that this is an opportunity that it would be unfortunate for the city and commonwealth to miss."
· Casino builder Dan Keating joins Market8 project after panning it []