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Old City Blightlord Placates City With "Door-Like" Structures

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City Paper has a nice look at the bare minimum of what's required of property owners under Philly's "Doors and Windows" ordinance. The policy says that property owners on blocks that are less than 80% vacant need to have real doors and windows, not wooden boards, or else they get fined $300 a day for each uncovered opening.

Two buildings (9 and 11 S. 2nd Street) in Old City recently got some new glass windows and weird fake "door-like structures" to replace their mutilated security grating and wooden window boards. The Old City District folks are calling this a victory for the L&I Department's War on Plywood policies - a victory that is particularly sweet because the properties are owned by Theodore Snyder who has something of a blight empire in Old City.

Snyder is a notoriously difficult guy to get a hold of, due to his penchant for registering his properties to bad names and addresses with the city.
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—Jonathan Geeting