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What Does $1650 Rent Around Philadelphia?

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a dive into the options available for a certain price point in various neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another persons's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1650/month, give or take.

? Here's an Old City loft with lots of perks: tons of space, exposed beams, and a skylight all make it special. Of course, it's really only suited for one person: the loft bedroom is cute but "cozy" and doesn't offer a ton of privacy. Rent is $1600/month.

? This Graduate Hospital rowhome incorrectly claims to be in Fitler Square, but its location ought to be appealing all on its own: it's right by the Schuylkill, close to University City, and near Center City without being in the thick of it. It also looks very narrow, but very cozy, and has lots of character. The listing does note that there's a basement with storage space (and a washer/dryer.) Though this home isn't in Fitler Square, it is very close to the water. Rent is $1600/month.

? This Fishtown loft is a little outside the price range, but it looks like it would be well worth it. This place has exposed beams, a balcony, and tons of space, as well as an open floor plan and a movie projection screen. The apartment only has one bedroom and is pet friendly. Rent is $1700/month.

? Though this University City apartment shows a little wear and tear, it does look very big. It also comes with a second story porch, a well laid out kitchen, hardwood floors, and a ceiling fan. The apartment does only have one bathroom, which might not be ideal. Rent is $1600/month.

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