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Technicolor NoLibs Apartment Complex Gets Zoning Go Ahead

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117 Spring Garden, a proposed six story apartment building with 25 rental units, 1100 sq ft of retail space, and ten parking spots for cars (with an indeterminate number of bicycle parking spots,) got the green light from the zoning committee of the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association, with a few conditions.

Though neighbors had concerns about the proposal when it was presented to them the first time, it appears that they engaged in a collaborative process with the developers to come to a mutually beneficial solution: the second proposal is significantly shorter, and includes more retail space.

The NLNA was mostly pleased with the revisions, but still had concerns about the possibility of shadows cast by the building, and the still shifting planned location of solar panels. Nevertheless, the decision making process here is a model for other, more contentious zoning processes citywide.
· NLNA likes Spring Garden project but wants more details [Philadelphia Real Estate Blog]