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Four Car Garage (and Attached NoLibs Home) Asks $619K

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This home has a lot to offer, and some features are more desireable than others. The roof deck with skyline and river views, for example, is a huge draw. Less of a draw? The fish tank built into the wall, the heated and air-conditioned garage, and the giant TV in the bathroom.

While garage parking is coveted in Philly, a person who needs a four car garage should consider moving back to the suburbs.

Also included? A "morning kitchen" in the non-master bedroom on the top floor, and a television suspended from the ceiling in the master bedroom. Oh, and a library that appears to be a recreation of the library from Clue.
House Vitals:
Size: 2,800 sq ft, 4 bedrooms
Amenities include: A built in fishtank, a heated and air conditioned four car garage, a TV in the bathroom, Juliet balconies every where, a roofdeck with skyline views, and a "morning kitchen."
Asking price: $619,000
· 160 Richmond Street [Trulia]