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Three Philly Fixer-Uppers Actually Worth Fixing Up

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This is a rare find: a $500K Old City penthouse that has seen better days. Right now it looks pretty dark, cramped, and scary, but there's a skylight, a bunch of big windows, a fire escape, and great views to recommend it.

Here's a big, abandoned, decrepit farmhouse in West Oak Lane. Sure it needs a ton of work, but check out the exterior stonework and the charming greenery surrounding the place. Plus, it's huge: it has four bedrooms and nearly 2,000 sq ft of space.

Brewerytown is caught in a flurry of development, and this house, if fixed up, could become a great source of rental income. As it stands, it's a very beautiful, very messy mansion complete with torn wallpaper, molding carpets, and boarded up windows. There are six bedrooms and two baths.