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Check Out An Interactive Panorama of St. Bonaventure Demo

Want to see what its like inside the building as the St. Bonaventure church in Fairhill gets torn down? Local photographer Matthew Christopher has been inside, and emerged with the proof—a panoramic image compilation. If you prefer your demo photos with zooming and spinning, you are in luck. Addicted to destruction? Earlier this week, we mapped 8 Philly Buildings That Met the Wrecking Ball in 2013. Here's hoping that unlike the Edison High School, this won't be replaced with a rather uninspiring retail center.
For those not in the know, Matthew Christopher is the eyes behind Abandoned America, and posted this to his Facebook page Wednesday night introducing the panorama:

"Remember how I said I had something neat to show you today? Microsoft had contacted me about creating some content for the launch of Photosynth2 (the original ran my panoramas). Here's the first of hopefully many. This is basically done from 38 or so images I took and then individually edited. What Photosynth2 is doing that is so impressive is that it is essentially filling in the gaps by making the pictures into a rough model of the room. You'll see a bit of glitchiness but you'll also see it creating a 90-95% accurate rendering, and that's pretty amazing, especially considering where it will grow to as it evolves.

You can let the image play, pause it for a full resolution picture (lower left) or use the mouse wheel to zoom in to the paused shots. From pause you can draw the circle around where you want it to go."

Without further ado, let's get to the thing. Clicking the image below will take you to the full panorama on Photosynth.

Cathedral demolition by on Photosynth

Entertained? Click here for a full gallery of Christopher's panoramas, which features the Church of the Assumption, SS United States, Richmond Generating Station, and others.