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Surprise! North Broad Schools & Synagogue Are Not Thrilled About the Prospect of Gigantic Casino Next Door

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A coalition made up of two schools (one a charter and one a private Quaker school) and the Rodeph Shalom Synagogue have decided that they'd really rather not have a casino right down the street. They've filed a Petition to Intervene in the casino hearings, in the hopes of blocking The Provence from being built.

According to an email sent by the lawyer that filed their petition, they don't want a casino around because

"a casino does not belong in the heart of their developing mixed-use neighborhood. The gambling culture and clientele of a casino and the safety, traffic and parking problems it will cause do not belong in the same area where tens of thousands of people are trying to get an education and practice their religion." Though the argument made here does apply to North Broad, it also applies to the neighborhoods that house other prospective casino sites. When the suitability hearings roll around at the end of January (The Provence's hearing is scheduled for the 28th from 2-6pm), we'll find out what other shenanigans (NIMBY and otherwise) are in store.
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