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Somebody Thinks that PHL Local Gaming's LoSo Entertainment Megacomplex Might Actually Materialize

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A press release from PHL Local Gaming came out today, stating that they've found a firm to build a 250 room hotel for their LoSo Entertainment Complex, a fantastical add-on to Casino Revolution. Fortuna Realty Group, a real estate group that owns several hospitality properties, provided a letter of intent. They want in on this South Philly zipline/golf course/waterpark scheme. The 250 room hotel they'd build would serve only the LoSo Complex, and would be in addition to the hotel already planned as part of Casino Revolution

What's the LoSo Entertainment Complex? It's PHL Local Gaming's plan to turn the area between Packer Avenue to the north, Front Street to the east, Pattison Avenue to the south and 7th Street to the west (an area spanning three very large blocks.) The resort would include such outlandish amenities as a "dry ski resort" and a "zipline park", and, according to the unbiased sources at PHL Local Gaming, create "a potential 6059 direct and indirect employment opportunities."

The hotel planned for this place won't get built unless LoSo gets built, and LoSo won't get built unless Casino Revolution gets built. Since it appears that the city favors The Provence and Market8 in the casino race, Philly won't see a hotel built by Fortuna Realty Group anytime soon. Still, it's impressive that they've managed to convince anyone that the LoSo Entertainment Complex might see the light of day.
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