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'Quint Essential' 'Pinnacle of Fishtown Living' Asks $350K

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Here's a loft that claims to be representative of what will be all over Fishtown within five years. As brokerbabble puts it, this place is "Located in the Fishtown Loft (soon-to-be) District" (the interesting spacing of quintessential also comes directly from the brokerbabble, and it's probably not a typo, but rather a way to emphasize this loft's special lofty-ness). The place is also pretty big (1,555 sq ft) and has most of the amenities loft seekers are looking for.

If you need proof that Fishtown is currently one of the city's hottest neighborhoods, look no further than broker babble that glosses over an apartment's amenities to focus on the neighborhood's offerings:
6 min walk to the El at Berks, 4 min drive to I95, 8 min walk to the nightlife & exercise hub at Frankford & Girard, & a 3 min walk to the Park at Palmer & the dog park on the other side of Frankford.... Adjacent to Palmer Cemetery, the extensive grounds of trees is a dog-walking magnet & adds a fresh breath of air to city
The aforementioned exercise hub, by the way, is a yoga studio. Just one.
House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, two baths, 1,555 sq ft
Amenities Include: Large (nearly floor to ceiling) windows, an in-building gym, an assigned parking space, hardwood floors, high ceilings, exposed brick, what looks like it might be a loft bedroom, and an oddly blue kitchen.
Asking Price: $349,611
· 1714 Memphis Street #214 [Trulia]