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Fishtown(5) VS. Midtown Village(4): Who Will Advance?

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It's time for the second first round poll: in 24 hours, the world will know whether Fishtown or the Midtown Village will advance to the second round in the hopes of winning the much coveted Curbed Cup, an entirely fake award represented by a picture of a fake trophy! It's a bracket style competition, and winners are decided by reader votes (head over to yesterday's poll to see the full bracket). Have a strong (or not so strong) opinion about which neighborhood ought to take home the trophy? Get thee to the poll (it's after the jump.)

Today's first contestant, Midtown Village, is reaching the end of its up-and-coming designation, which you might be able to tell from the flurry of trend pieces about its transformation (including one in the New York Times.) The neighborhood is known as one of Philly's culinary hotspots, and this year included another opening from prolific restaurateurs Marcie Turney and Val Safran, and the expansion of the popular brunch spot, Green Eggs Cafe. The neighborhood did experience some losses, though: Sisters Nightclub, Philly's only lesbian bar, shut down this year. The property was bought by the owners of Silk City Diner, though, so perhaps something good will follow in its wake. Though there's been some tension over the name (Midtown Village vs. The Gayborhood,) both names appear to be coexisting for now.

Our second contestant, Fishtown, is following a similar trajectory: it's not quite an up-and-coming neighborhood anymore, but it's not established either. These days, Fishtown is a sea of new construction, new restaurants, and new faces. From the opening of the Cedar Point Cafe to tons of new development projects, Fishtown continues to see lots of activity, even if it isn't as new and shiny as it once was. A Yelp heatmap pinpointed it as the home of most of Philly's hipster population, and it was rated as one of the city's most walkable neighborhoods
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