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Which Neighborhood Deserves to Move on to Round Two: Callowhill or East Passyunk?

It's that time of year again, when thoughts turn to holiday cheer, New Year's resolutions, and, of course, The Curbed Cup, an annual deathmatch to see which Philly neighborhood will triumph above all others. This year, eight neighborhoods are competing for the totally fake trophy and the pride of being Curbed Philly's 2013 Neighborhood Of The Year. We need your votes! Polls, located at the bottom of each Curbed Cup post, will close 24 hours after the post goes up, and the winner will move on to the next round.

Callowhill's growth as Philly's loft district is nearly complete. This year, the Goldtex buildings made headlines, but for different reasons than last year: the fratty ad copy made the apartment building stand out. Callowhill was also featured as a great spot for tourists to visit as part of the Philadelphia Neighborhoods campaign. Of course, much of the buzz about the neighborhood is focused on the possibility of making a park out of the abandoned Reading Viaduct, creating a High Line style park for Philly.

East Passyunk, last year's winner, has only expanded its reputation as a prime foodie neighborhood this year: it was ranked as one of the top foodie streets in the nation, and countless new and buzzed about restaurants opened. Development of the Broad Street Armory got rolling this year, as did plans for the iconic King of Jeans building. East Passyunk was also rated as one of Philly's most walkable neighborhoods. Will East Passyunk be able to defend its title?

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