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Fitler Square Fixer Needs Total Rehab, Asks $679K

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The listing for 2120 Locust includes no interior photos, which is never a good sign. On the other hand, it's a 1905 Fitler Square mansion with four bedrooms and 2,568 sq ft. The buyer with the time, energy, know-how, and money to fix this place up can create their dream home, but it'll take a few months (or, more likely, years) to get it there.

Brokerbabble, always ready to turn gray skies blue, sells this place as "For the lover of historic architecture, this jewel by prominent architect Wilson Eyre is a must see and a must have." Apparently, because it offers, "unlimited possibilities", "in the end you willl have a stunning masterpiece." In the beginning, however, you might have a dump on your hands.

House vitals:
Size: Four bedrooms, three and a half baths, 2,568 sq ft
Amenities include: A basement, bay windows, lots of crumbling character.
Asking price: $679,000
· 2101 Locust St [Trulia]