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Which Neighborhoods Will Advance to Round Two?

This week, the Curbed Cup kicked off, and eight neighborhoods went head to head in a ruthless battle to capture the sought after Curbed Cup, an image of a fake trophy to be featured on this blog. Next week brings us to Round Two, but first, a recap of Round One's guts and glory.

The first match up was the tightest race. Cedar Park started out in the lead, but couldn't push through to the win. Instead, Olde Kensington took the win, but not without a long and drawn out fight from Cedar Park.

The second match up, between Fishtown and Midtown Village, wasn't nearly as close. Fishtown won with slightly less than three quarters of the votes, emerging with an easy win.

The third match up was another close race: Point Breeze took 42.7% of the votes, but Francisville did win, and will advance to the next round.

The last match up brought the most clear victory: East Passyunk trounced Callowhill, with nearly 90% of the votes. As last years champion, it's unsurprising that East Passyunk had a strong showing, but it'll be interesting to see how the neighborhood fares in the next round.

Next week, voting will continue, starting with a match up between Olde Kensington and Fishtown, and followed by a showdown between Francisville and East Passyunk.
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