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Olde Kensington Takes On Fishtown in a Neighbor Vs. Neighbor Smackdown

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This week, the Curbed Cup moves into its second round, and the stakes are even higher. As a reminder, the Curbed Cup is an annual full contact (not really), no holds barred bracket style competition to see which neighborhood won the year. The winner is decided by your votes, which you can submit in the poll below the jump.

Olde Kensington has seen a flurry of construction, and will see even more in 2014. During 2013, though, work started on the SoKo lofts and Liberty Square (a piazza-esque proposal) is in the works. Tension between longtime residents and developers pursuing large upscale development is certainly evident, but it looks like development is taking off, even alongside the El. And though the industrial focus of the area is waning, a new metal fabricating facility is coming to American Street soon. Olde (or South) Kensington has experienced tons of growth in 2013, and seems as though it'll grow more in the coming year.

Our second contestant, Fishtown, is not quite an up-and-coming neighborhood anymore, but it's not established either. These days, Fishtown is a sea of new construction, new restaurants, and new faces. From the opening of the Cedar Point Cafe to tons of new development projects, Fishtown continues to see lots of activity, even if it isn't as new and shiny as it once was. A Yelp heatmap pinpointed it as the home of most of Philly's hipster population, and it was rated as one of the city's most walkable neighborhoods

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