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Want a Project? Here Are Three Worthwhile Fixers in Philly

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This picturesque French colonial in Olney may have seen better days. though much tof the exterior is in good repair, and the interior isn't totally trashed, there's some unsolicited interior artwork to be taken care of, and a kitchen to be fixed up. This place has five bedrooms, one bathroom, and a decaying garage. The asking price is $114,500.

This isn't the first crumbling Germantown manor, and it won't be the last. However, this particular specimen boasts three fireplaces, a two car garage, wall sconces, ribbonwood floors, a bay window, something that could be a balcony, and other charming elements of 'character'. It's a little creaky and needs at least cosmetic work, but if restored, it would be a lovely home. The asking price is $159,000.

This two unit brick home needs a lot of work: the listing tells interested buyers to bring flashlights, and the exterior is crying out for a new coat of paint. However, the unique shape of the facade, (a shape echoed by an oddly shaped door inside) is charming, and the weird paintcolors are easy enough to replace. The asking price is $54,900.