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Round Two: Does Francisville or East Passyunk Deserve a Fake Trophy More?

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The final battle of the second round pits Francisville against last year's champion, East Passyunk. Though both neighborhoods had a strong showing in the first round, only one can advance to the final round. Which will it be? Only your votes can decide. Remember, polls close 24 hours after they open, so vote now!

Francisville experienced tons of construction this year. From the eco-friendly Folsom Powerhouse to the affordable Jon Bon Jovi Soul Homes, the backhoes and truck backing up beeping sounds haven't stopped all year. Of course, there's also tons of market rate development happening. Francisville also experienced a surge in property values and taxes, and saw the opening of Tela's Market just a couple of months ago.

East Passyunk, last year's winner, has only expanded its reputation as a prime foodie neighborhood this year: it was ranked as one of the top foodie streets in the nation, and countless new and buzzed about restaurants opened. Development of the Broad Street Armory got rolling this year, as did plans for the iconic King of Jeans building. East Passyunk was also rated as one of Philly's most walkable neighborhoods. Will East Passyunk be able to defend its title?

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