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The Final Two Contenders for the Curbed Cup Are...

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It's official: the Curbed Cup, an annual bracket style deathmatch to determine the year's best neighborhood, is moving on to the final round. As the dust clears, two contenders are left standing, but only one can win the (image of a) trophy.

Though Fishtown had a somewhat narrow victory over its neighbor, Olde Kensington, it mobilized strong support and brought in lots of votes to claim the win. East Passyunk, on the other hand, trounced Francisville with more than 3/4 of the votes. Both neighborhoods have shown strong twitter presences and huge voter turnout. The matchup promises to be close and exciting.

Want to vote? Excellent. At noon on Monday, the final poll will go up. Though other rounds have only gone on for 24 hours, the final poll won't close until noon on January 2nd.
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