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South Street to Get New Art Studio Space

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The Pearl Arts and Crafts building at 417 South Street was bought by a local buyer who hopes to turn it into 85 art studios and a rooftop restaurant with a sculpture garden. The building will also have a ground floor gallery and retail space.

Though there are some renderings out that show a spiffy new glass facade, the owner wants to open the building by 2014, and that the glass will come later. The designs and plans are not final, but the relatively finished looking brochure bodes well for the success of the studio complex.

According to the brochure, rent for studios will start at $250/month and go up as high as $1,500/month. Included in rent will be gallery/wall space in the planned first floor art gallery and retail space. The new building will be called the South Street Arts Center.
· South Street Arts Center with studios, rooftop restaurant proposed for old Pearl building [Passyunk Post]