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The Very First Platinum LEED Neighborhood Development is Located in Philly, Dedicated Today

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Paseo Verde, a super green, mixed-use, mixed income community hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. The complex is the country's very first Platinum LEED certified Neighborhood Development, a distinction that it earned by creating an eco-friendly, transit focused project with the goal of "providing a healthy living environment for residents through sustainable practices, as well as cost savings through effective reduction in energy use."

Even Paseo Verde's most expensive apartments wouldn't fall into the luxury price range, but it does seem that they'll be offering quite a few luxury amenities: residents will get access to a fitness center, community rooms, a technology center, gardening plots, and green roofs.

The development prides itself on being "transit-oriented", which is a clever way to spin its location right next to the train tracks. On the other hand, commuters might just like living right next door to the train (and a few short blocks away from the Broad Street Line). Other amenities that could help wean residents off owning their own cars: while Paseo Verde does provide some off-street parking, it also hosts car-sharing right on its campus. And, as with all new Philly developments, bike storage is provided.

The description of the eco-friendly building materials used in the Paseo Verde apartments is a little frightening for anyone who doesn't live there: the website boasts of "formaldehyde-free materials". If that's exceptional enough to brag about, the rest of Philly's apartment buildings have some explaining to do.

Eco-friendliness isn't Paseo Verde's only goal: the development is designed to be accessible to people with various income levels. There are 67 moderately priced (they rent for $1,155-$1,450 per month) one and two bedroom apartments available, and there are 53 one, two, and three bedroom rent restricted apartments whose rents depend upon their residents incomes (a quick look at the website shows that rents could be anywhere from $218 to $1,050 per month.)
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