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Hipsters vs. Yuppies? The Curbed Cup Final Heats Up With Some Twitter Trash Talk

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The gauntlet has been thrown! Though Fishtown is a little behind in the polls, some ardent tweets about where Philly's true hipster mecca lies have made this a race worth watching: does winning the Curbed Cup confer or deny hipster status? Does a strong twitter game signal a deeper lack of neighborhood self-esteem? Is East Passyunk just full of boring yuppies anyway?

Last night, Fishtown was down in the polls, and we thought a little friendly taunting might improve their standing:

They responded:

#BOOM, indeed. But the situation really heats up as a Fishtowner questions East Passyunk's hipster cred:

Does East Passyunk have an insufficient number of bike racks? Is Fishtown too "you probably haven't heard of it" to even want to win a competition? Has East Passyunk tiptoed over the hipster-yuppie divide? Whatever your opinion, let it out in the poll, conveniently located just below this paragraph.
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