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Frenzy of New Construction Energy in East Francisville

Right near the eastern border of Francisville, new construction is cropping up everywhere: two new multi-unit buildings with contemporary but mostly unobtrusive design have just been completed, and two new projects are in progress. All of this new construction is made up of upscale multi-family residences: looks like there's a trend.

The first project, The Vineyards at 16, is set to be a grouping of six multi-unit residential buildings, but it looks like they're being sold by building, rather than by unit or as a group. The first building, which is completed, is already listed for sale, and construction is moving along on the second.

The second project, which is already completed and rented out, is a townhome with two units, each with two bedrooms. According to Trulia, the second unit was rented out for $1450/month.

Yet another project in the area is set for a zoning hearing on the 17th of December: it's the conversion of an existing structure into a three unit building. Though Francisville is currently dominated by smallish single family rows (some of which have already been converted to multi-family homes), it looks like the area is set to get some new upscale apartments.
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