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Weird But Cool Fishtown Contemporary Asks $375K

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Though many of the new homes going up in Fishtown would be classified as pieces of contemporary architecture, they're also all pretty much the same. This place breaks up the monotony with a striking facade, a central courtyard, and unconventional angles.

This house has all the amenities that most Fishtown new construction homes have: central air, a big, new kitchen, high ceilings, and ample space. It also has features that most new construction homes in the area don't have: a green roof that you can use as a roof deck, and a glassed in courtyard.

The facade itself is a little baffling, but it's definitely interesting. Brokerbabble says that it's a "Cor-Ten steel screen", whatever that means.

House Vitals:
Size: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2,527 sq ft
Amenities include: An intriguing front facade, a green roof deck, an interior courtyard, central air, and a custom steel staircase.
Asking Price: $375,000
· 2062 E. Fletcher Street [Trulia]