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Actually Adorable Pennsport Rowhome Asks Only $165K

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This Pennsport row is a little small and a little old: it's a respectable 896 sq ft, but it is a two bedroom, one bath home with no yard. It is, however, entirely adorable, and looks like it has been maintained carefully for many years.

Though wallpaper is a turn-off for lots of homebuyers, the judicious use of color and prints in this place is actually well done without drawing a ton of attention to itself. This place isn't just adorable because of the design choices made by the current owners, though. There's a fireplace with a rustic wood mantelpiece, exposed beams, and whitewashed exposed brick. The kitchen isn't anything to write home about, but it also looks functional and updated within the past ten years, which is really all one can expect from an older home like this.

It's not decked out, and it's not chock full of strange sounding amenities, but it does look like a nice place to call home.
House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, one bath, 896 sq ft
Amenities include: Exposed brick, exposed beams, decorative fireplace, tasteful wallpaper, and a very functional looking kitchen.
Asking Price: $165,000
· 213 Gerritt St [Trulia]