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What's Afoot At Mt. Sinai Hospital?

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Mt. Sinai Hospital, South Philly's vacant behemoth, is the subject of a community meeting this Thursday. Developers who purchased the property recently have some plans to present to the surrounding community.

There's not a ton of information available about the developer's plans. Back in September, the City Paper confirmed that the property was under contract in late September, but wasn't able to get any further details about the buyer or the buyer's plans for the property.

Pennsporter suggests that upscale development in the area is a sign that something big is planned, and that developers working on nearby projects are in the know.

Want to find out firsthand what'll happen to Mt. Sinai? The meeting about its future is open to the public: show up at Mt. Moriah Temple Baptist Church this Thursday at 7:30pm and see for yourself.
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