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Top Backsplash of '12, Disapproving Owl for $6M in New Hope

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Yes, it's February, but it's not too late to acknowledge another best of 2012—especially because this property is still on the market. Readers may recall our Backsplash Fatigue, which was caused by listings that trumpet "tile backsplashes" as though they aren't something you can buy at Home Depot and install yourself. Since then, our fatigue has turned chronic; we'd lost hope, basically. But ladies and gents, this is a backsplash. Not only is it unique and picturesque, but it's echoed in this grand home's other mosaics, like that rather stern, disapproving owl on the floor (no match for disapproving rabbits, of course). That's to say nothing of the enamel mantel, which also speaks of a respect for materials. It's all as bracing as a fistful of Ritalin.

Size: 3 beds, 2 baths, lotsa square footage
Outdoors: 28 acres with approximately 1,280' of riverfront
Extra space: 3 BR caretaker's apt.; pool house with guest suite
Parking: 3 car garage
Equestrian bonus: 6-stall barn and fenced pastures
· Listing: Undisclosed Address [Prudential Fox & Roach - New Hope]
· Backsplash Fatigue [CPHI]