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New in 'Nova: Appalling $3M 'Georgian Colonial' in Total Denial

Here's a listing for an estate that offers "significant interior spaces." What do they signify? An owner with really, really bad taste and an elevated sense of self. Here's the thing, 331 Radnor Chester Rd homeowner: You live in Villanova. There's nothing you can do about it. The closest city to Villanova is Philadelphia, which is not only not Paris, it's not even New York. It doesn't matter if the marble in your home is "Egyption" or Spanish because the home is still, defiantly—almost perversely!—insisting upon staying in Villanova. It should be noted, however (small comfort, perhaps, but still) that the name Villanova sounds rather Italiano—in a way that Gladwyne never will. Size: 6 beds, 5 baths, 6,500 sq ft
Outdoors: 2.3 acres; house-length terrace
Extras: Multiple fireplaces, 3-car garage
Price: $2,750,000
· Listing: 331 Radnor Chester Rd, Villanova [Redfin]