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Staid Old Granary Spawns Luxurious New Granary Apartments

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Barnes Foundation, we hope you enjoyed your short run as new kid in (Franklin)town. For just across the street, a newer kid arises with a nod to an old head. Pearl Properties, LLC has quickly built the midrise Granary Luxury Apartments catercorner from the Barnes' new home on the Parkway. The 227 apartment building takes its name from the elder Granary next door, built in 1925 as the Reading Company Grain Elevator. Originally, Pearl's plan was to build an additional 12 stories onto the extant Granary, but that was shot down by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

With built in retail space that will keep its neighbors at Whole Foods, Philadelphia Sports Club, and the Book Corner company, The Granary is expected to open in July. Considering it started rising from the ground only six months ago, and that its sibling apartments The Sansom have sprouted equally as quickly, there's no reason to think they won't hit their target. Fancy floorplans and a two-fitty deposit right over here.

— A. Nichols

The Granary Apartments

1915 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia , PA