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Pain No More: Demolishing Brutalism for 21st Century Modern

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The corner of 12th and Lombard is at long last getting some major pain relief, and in the process surely ridding itself of painful puns about pain. (Sorry.) A circa-1969 specimen of textbook brutalism, The Pain Center, famous most recently as a Philaphilia butt-fugly building of the week, and famous before that for the fraud its father-daughter operators committed, is on its way down.

Developer Virgil Procaccino -- whose own home was once the Wall Street Journal's house of the day -- is demolishing the 44 year old structure in favor of a row of tall, modern, and most certainly pricey townhouses designed by Philly architects Harman Deustch. Credit to them: the new homes look less prison-like than The Pain Center did. Naked Philly has the renderings over here.

— A. Nichols