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Gardens Are Dunzo As The 85 Southstar Lofts Prepare to Rise

Dear Camden Children's Garden, the erstwhile green thumbs of Broad & South feel your pain. The Dranoffication of South Broad Street strides ever forward with the moving of dirt on the site of the former Garden of the Arts. Nestled between Dranoff headquarters at 777 South Broad and its signature palace de pink Symphony House — pictured just across the construction site here — the former garden will soon be home to 85 luxury apartments.

Southstar Lofts will later this year rise seven stories on the corner of Broad & South, incorporating the prominent subway stop just downstairs and enlivening a premier intersection with street level retail. It will also feature a new public art work called Light Play, showering sidewalk sippers in a grand prismatic scheme. How Southstar will actually look remains to be seen, but the renderings suggest, well, something between Symphony House and 777 South Broad.

· [Official]
· Garden of the Arts (RIP) [Official]

— A. Nichols