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Infamous Former Allen Iverson House On The Market at $2.9M

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Former 76ers basketball star Allen Iverson's former house at Monk Road is known as the location where he hid out in 2002 after allegedly forcing his way into a West Philadelphia apartment and threatening two men with a handgun. (He was said to be searching for his wife). That makes it more infamous than the home on Chataeu Lane that he moved to in 2006, which also currently asks $2.9 M. For our money, we'd totally take the Monk Rd one for the superior pool, lush grounds, home theater and wine cellar. His 2006 home gets downright McMansiony in comparison to this classy estate house built by EB Mahoney.

? Want to double down? You could have a second former Iverson home in Villanova. ·1432 MONK Rd [Redfin]
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