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Fairmount Ave Bike Lane Proposal Soldiers On

Ready or not, bike lanes have caught on in Philly and they're only going to proliferate. Tomorrow night, the Spring Garden Civic Association will hold a vote on bike lane proposals from the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition. Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation will meet next week to hear the proposal, and a vote seems likely there too. At stake is a new bike lane along Fairmount Ave. that the Coalition believes could be instated with minimal impact on parking or traffic flow.

Still not sold on the lanes? Consider the ease with which you could take the block party with you wherever you go once you strap Mathias Hintermann's portable bike grill onto your wheels. Called the Backbrat, the accessory is—believe it or not—a charcoal grill that will breeze along those traffic-free lanes with you.

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—Carly Szkaradnik