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Get Ready to Empty Your Wallet and Roll Up Your Sleeves

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Obviously, if you want six bedrooms and Historical Commission registration in a prime location, you're going to have to be prepared to shell out. And in the case of this $1M+ Wash Square West property, we hope you're ready to pony up a lot more money and time after the initial hit.
First, the positive: With 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, you're guaranteed some private space for everyone in a good-sized family. The traditional layout and style means that all most of the rooms will need from you is some fresh paint and a better eye for scale when choosing furniture. The patio is lovely. You'll be steps away from the Foodery. And gosh, that's a lot of fireplaces.

But that may be the end of the major plusses, unless you're in the camp that loves nothing more than a good kitchen or bathroom reno. In that case, what luck! You'll be prying up tile to your heart's content. While we're sure the current owners have kept everything in good working order, the kitchen could use a healthy dose of style and the master bathroom has us scratching our head. While large (and yes, that's another fireplace!), the layout is odd and, well, oof: bathroom carpet.

In the upstairs bathroom, unless you have only small-to-medium dogs to bathe, we're thinking you might want to start dreaming up alternatives to the toy tub set into the curved wall. But if you've got the budget and the eye, the quirks could add up to something really special.
· 316 S. 10th St. [Trulia]

—Carly Szkaradnik