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Looking for Someone to Guide Your Nesting Instinct?

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Birdsong in the air and shower invites in the mail can mean only one thing: we're coming up on baby season. And while the challenge of designing the nursery may seem paltry once it's in the rearview and one faces the new challenges presented by an actual child, you probably know at least one person struggling with the baby room redo right now.

Maybe that person is you—because even though you, dear Curbed reader, have an impeccable sense of style, you may yet find that your stark Modernist leanings and terse aesthetic wit clash with an infant. Or maybe you've just never given much thought to how furnishings need to transition to grow with a growing human being and could use a little guidance.

That's where local interior designer Susan Hutchinson comes in. Her design firm, Nesting, specializes in nurseries and kids' rooms that are long on both style and pragmatism. Locally, you can bring her in to do a hands-on, top-to-bottom makeover to turn your home office into something a sight more hospitable. Or you can opt for a super-affordable e-design—fill out an extensive questionnaire and send photos of the space, and Hutchinson will select pieces (even if your budget is more schlep-to-Target than jaunt-up-to-ABC) and lay out a game plan that you can implement on your own schedule.

Better yet, you can purchase an e-design consultation as an incredibly thoughtful gift. Now you can rest assured that, no matter where they are, your expectant pals who want for time or visual know-how won't have to settle for plucking a prefab space straight off a page from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

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—Carly Szkaradnik