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Neighbors Not Feeling Very Zen About Herbal Emporium

Residents of E. Mermaid Lane want the local Chestnut Hill-based herbal emporium to stop zenning it up in a nearby garage where they have taken to hosting classes. On Tuesday there was an hour of testimony at the Chestnut Hill Community Association meeting between locals and owners of Herbiary. The issue?

These classes are seen by neighbors to be a commercial or business use with no place on a residential street. Neighbors said that the the presence of so many strangers gathering just beyond their backyards was a violation of their privacy.After all the chatter, the committee voted against a variance to that would allow classes to continue in the space. In her defense, the owner of the garage space declared, "[It's] an investment in people who care about the Earth."
· Herbiary's use of E. Mermaid Lane property rejected by DRC [CH Local]