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Zach Patten IN As Editor of Curbed Philly

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Curbed is pleased to announce that Zach Patten has joined the Philly team as Editor. Zach has written for Campus Philly, Philly-based branding agency Iperdesign, and a few indie publications. He's endlessly fascinated by the architecture and urban development of Philadelphia, particularly abandoned structures. Look for him scouring the streets for news in lots of flannel and a good beard. He replaces former Curbed Philly editor Liz Spikol, who is moving on to other endeavors.

Please give a big welcome to Zach, whose first day was yesterday, down below in the comments. Or, if you favor more intimate means of connection, hit up the tipline and/or follow him on Twitter @zpatten. As always, your tips and gossip are appreciated. We're damn excited he's here and look forward to what we know will be a smooth transition.