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Is the Bunting House Lot About to Become a Wendy's?

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Roxborough residents battled with owners Anthony and Frank Giovannone to save the neighborhood's 130 year-old Bunting House, but the building fell victim to the wrecking ball last December. From the looks of it, the lot may not be sitting vacant for much longer, as a new development plan calls for a Wendy's to occupy the space.

Still reeling from the loss of the Dearnley Mansion in 2005, Roxborough area residents have created a Facebook page and begun passing around petitions in opposition of the idea. According to NewsWorks, while the lot's zoning allows for small retail and restaurant space, it would take a special permit to allow a drive-thru fast food restaurant like Wendy's.

Activists opposed to the new development plan could attempt to have the lot's previous residential zoning permit re-activated, but it is unlikely that a group without an official stake in the property could influence or dictate its future.

Curbed will continue to update as the story progresses.

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Bunting House

5901 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA