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Are Drastic Measures Needed to Save Endangered Buildings?

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Hidden City recently sat down with historian and architect Joel Spivak, who mentioned a novel idea of homeowners banding together to put their own properties up as collateral in an effort to buy buildings in need of saving.

With the historic Church of the Assumption in grave danger of the wrecking ball, is this a viable concept for Callowhill residents? The drama surrounding the church has been ongoing for several months since current owner John Wei cited financial hardship and posted a demolition notice on the building's front door last December.

The iconic twin spires have defined the Callowhill neighborhood for over 160 years, and with the ongoing potential for a makeover of the Reading Viaduct, one wonders if drastic measures will need to be taken for the neighborhood to preserve their landmark.
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Church of the Assumption

1123 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA 19123