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Nosego's Street Art Brings a Burst of Life to Philly

Philly is already the nation's leading city in street murals partly in thanks to a booming art scene and programs like the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. A number of Philadelphians are pretty passionate about their street art, as some of us may remember a recent idea from Conrad Benner's Streets Dept blog to cover up the dark gray south wall of the Loew's Hotel (PSFS Building) with a massive mural. The idea didn't have legs, but provided an interesting thought nonetheless.

Conrad recently added some photos of a work in progress by muralist and Philly sensation Yis Goodwin, who you might know better around the block as Nosego. Nosego has a number of rad murals and commission pieces stretching from Philadelphia to New York City and beyond. Some art fanatics are starting to feel that he's essentially branding the neighborhoods with explosions of color.

Jump on over to Streets Dept for a closer look at Nosego's latest work as he preps for the 8pm unveiling this Saturday night at coffee Mecca Elixr, 207 S. Sydenham Street.
· First Look at Nosego's Awesome New Mural Inside Elixr Coffee [Streets Dept]